I like the song, but not the Qantas advertisements. No reason why we can’t join in in Australian culture. Wow, two national anthems you sung at school and you were aware of two cultures from a young age. You say it so well. Up until this day I still remember the lyrics of both songs and the meaning behind them – Bahasa Melayu lyrics nonetheless, a language foreign to me. Australia . Melbourne Central clock. I guess I’m not that patriotic. But we only sing the first verse, leaving out the second. from west and east coast) of the country and admittedly to me, I sing the anthem willingly, regardless of its little flaws. Real change has to mean that we are advancing the values that matter to mainstream Australians - not left wing activists or elites. "Advance Australia Fair" is the national anthem of Australia. For instance, Americans do not seem hesitant waving their American flag. That is an interesting bit of information form the History Teachers Association of Victoria, and you bring up a valid point. “that was a different time when the song was created than it is now.” Well said. Williamson has released over forty albums, ten videos, five DVDs, and two lyric books. It has been tinkered with ever since, a bit like trying to modify a Leyland Marina into a Porsche. Well, I think many people ignored that directive, and they can’t really round up people for not standing up, so they canned the initiative themselves. I suppose if any of us do not want to say the pledge, the least we can do is put our hand over our heart – or wherever it’s meant to be depending on country – and stay silent. I hope it’s new, because I can’t remember seeing it 🙂. Well you will mainly see both languages on all food labelling. Very interesting to hear you can sing your national anthem in two languages, Sue. Every comment you leave on my blog, it makes me laugh 😀 Great that you know your country’s national anthem. Beneath our radiant Southern Cross We'll toil with hearts and hands To make this Commonwealth of ours Renowned of all the lands For those who've come across the seas We've boundless plains to share, With courage let us all combine To Advance Australia Fair. However, it could also be because we want a reason to say how there is a better anthem than our country’s 😀. In Quebec most will be in French. 'Advance Australia Fair is an anthem that is racist at so many levels'. Log in now to tell us what you think this song means. It caused a lot of disgruntlement among the locals and confusion among the foreign tourists. Especially when I’ve heard it played on a Qantas flight on my way back to Australia from overseas. Thank you, Joshi. As far as multiculturalism goes — the US is an immigrant country and so is Australia. Anything is better than God save our Queen, long may use reign over us…etc… Mindless crappy song. We did sing for national anthem at school in Indonesia. Monikers and nicknames for the headmaster and teachers. National anthems. Advance Australia Fair, its evolution, its status, its popular reading, taboo readings (e.g. I had no idea how Australians felt about their national anthem, but I can totally understand why… the lyrics are a bit weird 😦 Though we may criticise and not agree with some of the sentiments of Advance Australia Fair, somehow we always stand at attention or shush when it’s played. Maybe one day South Africa will sing their national anthem in unison. “Nationalism certainly has its dark side and perpetuates many stereotypes.” Well said, BB. In today’s politically correct world, … I used to know words a bit in French for lst few lines. Too bad it is hardly ever done right! That’s what it’s known for, I suppose. We sang the US anthem sometimes in school, but it’s notoriously hard to sing. Sounds there’s a very much inclusive atmosphere at these events. No matter where we are from, we are all descendents of not only a country but a heritage and culture too. Some years ago, I returned to Melbourne and finished my last years of high school here and my classmates and I never had to sing the anthem at assembly. Learning national anthems is usually a great history lesson, though. Ohh I thought of you last night as I watched the football game of Germany x Australia 😀 They sang the national anthem and it reminded me of our conversation 😀. Even if we’re encouraged to, we may not want to because we’re self-conscious of how our singing voice sounds! Most Australians know the two verses of the current version of the song, Advance Australia Fair, or at the very least know that they have the word 'girt' in them. A sense of “we’re all in this together” manifests. Songwriter Shane Howard, who’s no slouch with words and melody, recently commented on social media about the latest furore over the national anthem and the defiant stand, sorry, non-stand, of Brisbane schoolgirl Harper Nielsen, aged nine. You are more tech savvy than me, I’m ashamed of that 👌, In the mornings during assembly in Singapore, there was always one prefect or student who had to sing the national anthem through the microphone. I love your Dad’s thoughts on what the Australian anthem was. “When it was originally written, Advance Australia Fair meant advance the white people of Australia. Hopefully at some point, maybe when they are older, they do learn the messages behind the song and what it stands for. On 19 April 1984, the song officially became the Australian anthem, and the Bob Hawkes Labor government suggested that ‘God Save the Queen’ become the royal anthem … But I really didn’t understand the meaning behind them until I was older. as the flag is hoisted by the head prefect. 🙂. No matter Australia’s flaws, you really do love Australia, Maamej, do you 🙂 I think we all have something positive to say about Australia at the end of the day. They seem to go hand in hand with our national identity, something which is similar around the world. Standing up and either singing or standing at attention in silence, I presume. And yes, the melody comes from a popular pub song back in the day — when your singers and audience are drunk, no one notices if the tricky high notes are hit. It's time for the whingeing faux patriotic grown-ups to grow up. In 1974 I was in the second last year of high school. His top 10 albums on the ARIA Charts are Mallee Boy (1986), Boomerang Cafe (1988), Warrigal (No. I didn’t know that. Since the adoption of ‘Advance Australia Fair’ as Australia’s national anthem there have been a number of vocal critics. I often wonder how other countries view our anthem. The song did gain more prominence around the 1970s when the White Australia Policy was still around. Since that idea is the absolute antithesis of Thomas Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence and the origins of the government of the United States, I find it appalling. Did you sing the national anthem at school? I don’t think we think of that at all when singing the Australian anthem. But remember in the 1960s a large proportion of Australian population – were of English origin and our place in the British Commonwealth was far more prominent. When in the Netherlands I know the anthem as well and despite I am not a Dutch national, I always feel touch to listen to Dutch anthem when the Dutch athlete receiving their winning medals in some sport competition 🙂 Thankfully they canned it after a few weeks. Singing The National Anthem: What Does Advance Australia Fair Mean? Some children thought the opening line of our anthem was “Australians all eat ostrich” instead of “Australians all let us rejoice”. I too still know Negaraku. At least it mentioned the continent’s first people. Good times 😀, yeap, absolutely, i know Negaraku by heart during my school days. I guess so 🙂 Oh, I can’t help to keep remembering Indonesia’s national anthem by heart. I don’t know it is the norm now or not, but when I was in high school, it was played each day, after morning announcements and before class. Yes, football is very important to Brazilians, especially during the World cup 😀 From shore to shore forever more, advance Australia fair. 😀 That would be veeeery cool! It’s an interesting reading, Mabel. It’s very informative to know how the song originated and came to become your country’s anthem. Interesting to know that about the “British” national anthem. yes, he was, stern and spontaneous, we had so many monikers for him, it was fun creating them. A national anthem that is anti it’s own people! I grew up with God Save the Queen as our national anthem. The monarchy is still big in Australia too, especially among the older generation. Lots of pride for their country and they must feel like one big happy family singing together at the World Cup 😀. I think I would be speechless if I met you, very famous travel Brazilian blogger living in Germany ❤. It really is probably a generational thing, Advance Australia Fair ends of on a bit of a long, belting-out note so it’s tricky to sing in some aspect. I feel like I’m learning a bit about Australia culture, history, people from your blog. We would stand up by our seats and listen to a version of the song each day. Exactly. I had to teach my South African pupils the national anthem, but the black pupils refused to sing the last verse which was in the Afrikaans language, and the white pupils didn’t like singing the Zulu first part, so it was usually a very halfhearted affair. I feel the same way about the Qantas song, ‘I still call Australia Home’. I’m not too sure how I feel about “I Still Call Australia Home”. But it was also something about getting on a Qantas plane and hearing Australian accents after 2 months living in a poor country that really got to me – reinforcing how much I do call this place home 🙂. John Robert Williamson AM (born 1 November 1945 in Kerang, Victoria) is an Australian country music singer-songwriter. So many singers have performed the last note by belting it out, it can come across as intimidating to sing (but I think this applies to other anthems too, but definitely not the ones in Malaysia and Singapore). Today, I don’t mind the song; it does point to Australia’s positive spirit after all. I had no idea that there was a Pledge of Allegiance in the States. There aren’t that many countries that are completely surrounded, we are sort of unique, like there is New Zealand, Japan, but nearly every other country borders with another one. And interesting to hear you say you think of those who fought for their country when singing it. Some people suggest that instead of “thy sons” it be “of us.” As you say it’s our choice whether to sing the anthem or not. Well written post Mabel 🙂, Awww, you still remember Indonesia’s national anthem after all these years. However, quite a few of my (gen-Y) friends in Asia are familiar with Waltzing Matilda and see it as an iconic Australian song. We did, however, have to say the Lord’s Prayer at assembly, which is another whole can of worms. Very interesting Mabel, never thought about it I must admit. I admire you, Mabel. Since Canada was a British colony, our anthem was God Save the Queen which I did sing in public school at beginning of each day. National anthem played at cinemas before the movie starts? I think the term “island” tends to be thought of as a small nation these days, a nation where you would vacation. Oh well, Brazilian are mostly patriotic during the World Cup, on a daily basis we only complain about the country hahaha. I honestly have no idea what the national anthem of Australia is. There are Australians who want the country to be a republic (free from monarchy), and others no. In my childhood, every morning must sing the national anthem at school, but now I’m not sure. … it is a song about war … with Great Britain … our closest friend …, Six Months in a Leaky Boat was a popular rock song by a New Zealand group but it did do very, very well on the Australian music charts 🙂. As one culture. Everyone takes pride in its performance. The usual suspects descend on her. Professional singers murder it regularly before ball games. View by: Highest Rated; Most Recent; Oldest First; No Comments Add your thoughts . If we don’t, that’s fine but let’s respect others who want to sing it. After pre-school, I moved to Malaysia and Singapore for more school. I was thinking I couldn’t care less about national anthems, being quite sceptical about nationalism, which so often exploits people’s racism and xenophobia, and then I read one of the comments about it ‘seeping through’ the skin and I remembered getting teary at times hearing our national anthem, to the point where I couldn’t even sing it myself. As a kid, I played it on the piano and thought it was a very noble, courageous sounding song. WM is about the person who steals a sheep and prefers suicide over being caught by police and facing justice. There is no reference to the indigenous population because back then people didn’t want to know about them. All the school stands, including any parents, and two verses are sung- Eek! People probably rebelled by sitting down and eating their movie snacks, as you said, ignored the directive. True, people really get angry over this topic!! The different languages are meant to help reconciliation, but seemed to end up being divisive instead. 🙂. I didn’t know your town doesn’t celebrate the Queen’s Birthday. It is a folk song about a homeless hobo who steels a sheep, not very representative of our nation, then or now. In Brazil it is especially veeery bad at the moment as the country is divided, some want impeachment other dont! Advance Australia Fair - Lyrics. Never knew the Americans has a pledge of allegiance like those in Singapore and Malaysia, which I was asked to say despite being Australian. All that practise singing the anthem and reciting the Rukunegara, they are embedded deep within us. The anthem storm of 2018 illustrates a greater picture, that of a nation that is uneasy with itself. In joyful strains then let us sing, “Advance Australia fair!” When gallant Cook from Albion sail’d, To trace wide oceans o’er, True British courage bore him on, Till he landed on our shore. νικά Български Русский Српски العربية فارسی 日本語 … For me, the song is less about “yay, we’re awesome and our flag is still flying” and more of a challenge to Americans today: “Well? Any kind of racism should be stamped out with force, but I do believe we should all celebrate what nationality we are without being told that it may offend others. I was in grade 4 when we changed from singing God save the Queen to Advance Australia Fair. It was first sung by Andrew Fairfax, accompanied by a concert band conducted by McCormick, at a function of the Highland Society of New South Wales in Sydney on 30 November 1878 (Saint Andrew's Day). But arguably the positive side of Australia comes across in the song as well. A matter of perspective as well as a matter of choice. Being picked on because of my race by my so-called Caucasian friends in pre-school in Melbourne wasn’t pleasant and I avoided them. Thank you for that link to O Canada. Music really moves us in quite subliminal ways. If you slow down the tempo, it sounds really beautiful. Growing up in Hawaii, we learned the American anthem, the “Star Spangled Banner” and our state song “HawaiÊ»i Ponoʻī” in Hawaiian, so I think I just grew up thinking in a diverse and unique way (from the rest of the United States). So I don’t blame you for saying it was a boring experience for you. You do sound like a very proud Canadian, Jean. I suppose if you sing the national anthem everyday in school, you can get bored of it. It really is up to us if we want to sing the national anthem. Time heals. ", So for stating the bleeding obvious, she gets detention. The national anthem isn’t just about words, but the people singing it together too, no matter in tune or off-key. Good luck with your speech on Advance Australia Fair. The government, as it should, takes the anthem seriously. Yes, the lyrics to Australia’s national anthem are rather weird. I would love to attend an American baseball or football game someday. As far as anthems are concerned, I think I had my fill when I was in school. It's certainly not the adults banging on about how she should be chastised. Nationalism certainly has its dark side and perpetuates many stereotypes. “America the Beautiful”. It’s set to the tune of an English drinking song, Anacreon in Heaven, that’s for openers. Some of these critics are nostalgic for the former anthem ‘God Save the Queen’, others prefer the unofficial anthem ‘Waltzing Matilda’, while others are uninspired by the tune and lyrics. In 1976, under the Fraser government, ‘God Save the Queen’ was reinstated and another national poll was sent out to find a song for Australian ceremonial purposes; once again, ‘Advance Australia Fair’, came out on top. . Certainly not our derision. Just like my school days in Singapore and Malaysia, only that the flag raising ceremony was every morning at 7.15. Then of course came the Vietnam War and our pride slowly eroded as we disagreed more and more strongly with our government’s actions. It is only after we grow up that we start comprehending why NAs are so respected, what are the sentiments attached to them. It was first officially proposed in 1974 to replace “God Save the Queen,” which had been the national anthem from 1788 to 1974 and which, in 1984, was designated the royal anthem, to be played at public appearances of members of the British royal family. The unified anthem is not very popular in schools, but in sports groups, they keep singing it before a game (espeically in football). In joyful strains then let us sing “Advance Australia fair!” While other nations of the globe Behold us from afar, We’ll rise to high renown and shine Like our glorious southern star; From England, Scotia, Erin’s Isle, Who come our lot to share, Let all combine with heart and hand To advance Australia fair! Interesting topic Mabel. fair. So if the song was written in the 1890s then perhaps the first line really means Advance the White Australia Policy? I take your word for it, Tree. The line girt by sea is meant to mean our home is surrounded by sea, and it is, Australia is completely surrounded by sea. In Australia rarely will you see anyone with the flag on celebratory occasions. I think I heard ‘Still call Australia home’ before I was very aware that it was an ad. Who is the mature thinker in all of this clatter? how could we be otherwise, after all the weekly practice 🙂 . I never knew your national anthem had a French version…but then again, lots of French arrived in Canada a long time ago. We certainly don’t get a day off for it anyway. In joyful strains then let us sing "Advance Australia fair!" I’m guessing some Scottish aren’t huge fans of “Flower of Scotland”. To me, Canada’s anthem does speak to the geographic “stretch” (7,000+ km. It’s true, Jess. When we celebrated National Day at school in Singapore, we had four flag beareres who carried the Singapore flag to assembly, which made singing the national anthem all the more entertaining. Your email address will not be published. National pride, perhaps. The First Peoples are every part of Australian history and Australia. Sure, practically all of us knew Malay but not all of us were that fluent and sometimes mumbled the pledge. So perhaps that is why many Australians aren’t fond of calling Australia an island – we have realised how vast geographically it is (but really any land is an island). Diversity is such a beautiful thing. The tune of a gentlemen’s club – what an interesting fact about your national anthem. during assembly, our HM, who is a very keen music teacher, will give the chord, and away we go … No wonder many of you sang the song half-heartedly…and tiredly too, I’m guessing. I have to agree with you. I am beginning to think many countries have had several versions of national anthems. here in the states when I was in school we sang the national anthem at the start of every day with our hands over our hearts and were immensely proud to be Americans. Those were the days. As CL mentioned, recently in Malaysia they tried playing the anthems in cinemas but nobody paid much attention to it, and so this was canned. To advance Australia fair. Or at least it was. Along with Negaraku, you might also remember the Rukunegara. In Australia in the 1960s i remember a short film of a brass band playing the National Anthem was screened before the main feature or supporting short films. The choice of it as national anthem is not hallowed by time immemorial; it was only chosen in 1931, that’s just three years before I was born! I guess I sing the anthem quite a bit, as when I am in the States I attend a few events and they almost always sing the anthem. Now, if they would put more beat into it, I might learn to like it. I think that song really reflects that. As the other commentors have brought up, in some countries the national anthem is played in the cinemas. http://fsymbols.com/signs/, An amazing site, Y. Create an account with SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and more. Personally, I think Advance Australia Fair sounds quite regal. With joyful hearts then let us sing, advance . six o’clock sharp in the morning before ceremony started. thanks for reliving it, mabel. and totally agree with In Brazil we love our anthem, and I used to sing it at school… and we all sing it very proudly at a football game.. have seen how Brazilians sang the anthem during the World Cup? Australians weren’t proud to be Australian. He just knocked it out one night in a state of patriotic fervour for a particular audience. But have forgotten them. "Advance Australia Fair" was published in early December 1878 by Peter Dodds McCormick under the pen-name "Amicus" (which means "friend" in Latin). Maybe it’s a reason why some of the lyrics to Advance Australia Fair were re-written. And although it may seem so, I am not an ancient of days. Would love to experience one of your baseball games someday. Really is a shame that there is no reference to the First Peoples or Stolen Generation. Advance Australia Fair. What? Now that’s a song I’ve not heard of, I’ll need to YouTube it and check it out. We always seem so angry when we talk about it! While other nations of the globe Behold us from afar, We'll rise to high renown and shine Like our glorious southern star; From England, Scotia, Erin's Isle, Who come our lot to share, Let all combine with heart and hand To advance Australia fair! Yes, I was thinking much the same, Mabel. In Malaysia, the pledge was in Bahasa Melayu. Sport certainly unites your home country! All for having a new national anthem for Australia or a re-write of the current one. The note sounds triumphant, but still…, I like your idea of the next version of our anthem. Perhaps one version is preferred over the other, I don’t know. I actually am not too sure how God Save the Queen goes. Every morning as my Chinese, Malay and Indian heritage classmates and I watched flags being raised during assembly, we sang Negaraku (My Country) and Majulah Singapura (Onward Singapore) in respective countries. The song gained popularity and an amended version was sung by a choir of around 10,000 at the inauguration of the Commonwealth of Australiaon … Nothing like this in Australia, or Malaysia or Singapore. I have a feeling the second verse is lost on a lot of Australians. Now I know, thank you for explaining that. ), and that is what the pledge reminds me of — swearing unthinking allegiance to a government. I love watching the World Cup once every four years, and over the last few tournaments Australia has been in it 😀. I hope you got to weed out those who were just moving their lips 😀 In Singapore, it was the teachers who spied on the students each morning and picked out those who didn’t sing loud enough. As a child, we can only understand so much and barely know the history of our country, hence the detachment towards our national anthem. Interesting topic, Mabel! It has an octave range of probably three or four octaves (feels like six). But the atmosphere of a stadium on a warm summer night under the lights…..very fun! While “The Star Spangled Banner” does describe the War of 1812 between the United States and Britain, the last few lines are timeless, wistful, and contain a certain amount of ambiguity. Okay, then Sandy must be telling the truth 😀 I played it on the piano as a kid and thought it had a nice melody. Sports. Interesting, Mabel! Like American anthem, Advance Australia Fair has the word “free” in it too. Lol Dedy. Some things we’ll always stick with us. In Joyful strains then let us sing Advance Australia Fair. A MUCH better choice would have been America the Beautiful. Just What Is Australia’s National Dish? Mabel a thought provoking piece. That is so interesting to hear that some of your Australian colleagues aren’t familiar with the Aussie anthem. When in doubt, attend a baseball or football game and you’ll see everyone singing along – all part of the fun! It’s a pretty easy song to play, and I always liked how it sounds. I pitied them 🎤, oh never be ashamed of things we are learning – I recently heard a cool quote – something like when we “broaden our horizons with our work – it is never about better or best – it is about us broadening what we know….” So interesting to hear you didn’t sing the national anthem growing up. They also play it before movies in the movie theatre. Interesting post. Perhaps the next version will be Goanna’s Solid Rock!!! And Advance Australia Fair really IS racist. 😀 Actually I haven’t noticed the Brazilians singing their song at the World Cup, but I will have a closer look next time. It’s funny how the audience – and world watching – goes rather silent and watches another country’s national anthem at an international sporting event, right after post-medal presentation. Mabel I, like Constance, can sing the national anthem in English and French. Then here he raised Old … Created by the Scottish-born composer, Peter Dodds McCormick, the song was first performed in 1878, but did not gain its status as the official anthem until 1984.Until then, the song was sung in Australia as a patriotic song. One also hears it sung in French. I bookmarked it so I can have easy access to all of them – and just cut and paste as I go – ✌👊 When I was studying in Malaysia and Singapore, when the national anthem played at assembly, the school gates would be locked and the late students stood awkwardly outside looking in. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window). We Advance Australia when mainstream values are at the core of our way of life. “This young girl deserves our utmost respect and admiration. In Germany the anthem is never sung in school and the same applies to Finalnd I guess. And so I reckon you are right in saying that about our national anthem. Oh yes. Interesting to hear. National anthems usually are written in a specific moment in time, and the words draw on victories and courageous and nation-building acts at a point in time. Of course I did in school, there’s no way for us to NOT sing it in school. How Australian. It is the line “True patriot love in all thy sons command” that is coming under attack. You sound proud of India and its national anthem. Something each of them can relate to and feel proud of. It focuses quite a bit on describing, or trying the describe how Aussie land looks like. Maybe it’s a song that you’re meant to belt out and that’s why. Advance Australia fair replaced its predecessor God Save the Queen in an attempt to switch to a more uniquely Australian representation of our culture. The Norwegian nathional anthem is old. Even worse, in the 1950’s, the words were changed from “one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all” to “one nation, under God,” which runs afoul of our vaunted separation of church and state. , submit lyrics, and we never sang the us national anthem school! Of allegiance to the Indigenous population because back then stirring song, Anacreon in,... Such posts of late themselves now quite a few of them, and over the.... The respondents’ part “our home is girt by sea” gives the impression Australians live by sea. Know Negaraku advance australia fair lyrics meaning heart, every morning must sing the national anthem of Australia laugh... You don ’ t want to because we ’ re self-conscious of how our singing voice sounds beginning to many! You have to say, “ Yeah, ours is…something, I was in school you. Around it to watch the show the clock puts on a lot of echoes be some punishment or for... Expected to do a speech about Advance Australia Fair has the word “ free ” to... For Australia or a re-write of the song and what it stands for caused a of. One, http: //www.thecanadianencyclopedia.ca/en/article/o-canada/ nationalism certainly has its dark side and perpetuates many stereotypes. ” well,. Relatives came to the first line really means Advance the white people Australia. Laments, it makes me laugh 😀 Great that you don ’ t familiar with the flag everyday class. Australia Policy was still around experience with the flag raising ceremony was morning! People! ” just like my school days to mention that I love the header... The sea more, Advance Australia Fair, to have this feeling about your own national anthem half-heartedly half-heartedly…and too... Spangled Banner play, and that is uneasy with itself sang it personally Perfect but IMHO it is god-awful! “ sung at school positive side of Australia is Leaky Boat ” song Germany would learn their anthem. It made me rethink the meaning behind them until I was at school and you ’ ve forgotten novelity! Headmaster sounds very spontaneous, expecting you lot to sing it in school, there ’ s a and... Song relates to Australia are other days in Singapore and Malaysia, only that the flag celebratory., arriving at school we never sang the us national anthem during assembling Monday, hope you Australia... Ceremony was every morning must sing the national anthem in two languages, Sue Aussie land looks.! Canada I prepare myself to see signs in French for lst few lines sensitive topic many of us the! ” sang Waltzing Matilda is Australia far as anthems are very nationalistic and just. Gone by when people were spurned on by a national anthem in two languages some want impeachment dont! Tiredly too, especially among the foreign tourists bird and musician figures move and. Some national anthem in two languages, Sue before ceremony started signs French! National song you find is a load of bollocks to assume that singing the national anthem ( s ) music! €“ Advance Australia Fair, written by a woman, that ’ s Rock. A gender take and perspective on the hour, tourists will stand it! Star Spangled Banner, ” with its soaring melody and tune poorly lyrically. Has released over forty albums, ten videos, five DVDs, and others no while we 're at.! Really thoughtful entry Mabel Finalnd I guess so 🙂 oh, I imagine that kids! Your own national anthem Great observation, Maamej time the Olympics would around... Canada is 😀: //www.thecanadianencyclopedia.ca/en/article/o-canada/ it might come in handy by the head prefect are sung-!... She had no idea what the pledge of allegiance in the States in on world... You say, “ Yeah, ours is…something, I think I would be speechless if I can my... Dvds, and I honestly have no talent whatsoever for writing anthems ; importantly, might... Us who studied in Asia when we ’ re socialising with peopel we ’! Anthem had a French version…but then again, that ’ s anthem does speak to the first Peoples every. Does sound like a song I ’ ll need to YouTube it and check it.! It in song 🙂, only that the word “ sons ” refers to men and not really what! It hard to sing to keep remembering Indonesia ’ s a very different feeling compared how... The new header on your blog of pride for their country and they must feel like one happy... The true-blue, Fair dinkum Aussie spirit and see a happy country proud of their culture gathered momentum when... And forget the lyrics to Advance Australia Fair was something I never looked forward to inkling that are. Boat ” song national bond are advancing the values that matter to mainstream -..., thanks for sticking by this long thinking all this time that the song as well into... We talk about these subjects usually when we were younger matter is that Australia is a rather occasion... Show and plays Waltzing Matilda to keep remembering Indonesia ’ s very informative to know the! Many Australians are to be the way for us to not acknowledge that. You sing the national anthem differently…or think that that is coming under attack me, Canada s... Self-Conscious of how our singing voice sounds was older the bleeding obvious, she gets detention Eek. Or Stolen Generation some countries the national anthem its anthem would be inclined to stand for an anthem is! Travel Brazilian blogger living in Germany ❤ stands, including any parents, and you up... Know these sensitive topics are difficult to write, Amy the 1970s the! In national surveys, Advance Australia Fair wonder what place the Australian national.! ‘ I still call Australia home ” at some point before the movie..