There wasn’t a person left in town that night when we’re going to Texas Stadium to play in the state quarterfinals.”. 1. Carroll says he’s noticed fewer new subdivisions and more apartments, townhouses, and patio homes going up in town, but multifamily residences tend to cater to single people and couples, meaning they may not bring in new students for the high school. As population in the Dallas-Fort Worth area ballooned, Plano (71 square miles), Frisco (62 square miles), and McKinney (62 square miles) were ultimately forced to build more high schools to accommodate its growing student enrollment. Bond packages that use I&S funds must be approved by voters. This is our high school and it represents our community, we want to try to keep it this way if we can.”. In a program with 480 kids, only 22 get to start on Friday nights for the Allen Eagles. Allen's $60 Million High School Football Stadium 11,104 views 9:07 Video: Allen High School's $60 million stadium Tour the home of the five-time state champions. People who didn’t want to pay the price of admission would park at the edge of the field and stay in their cars to watch the game. A 5,800 sq. Lowery Center. For now, the process for funding high school football stadiums is here to stay. Baytown Stallworth Stadium … Freeman says Allen isn’t wealthy enough to make using I&S funds for M&O purposes worth the trouble, but the optics of Allen building a huge stadium while Dallas ISD struggles to keep teachers inflame local critics. Allen’s stadium was the first shot in what media are calling an “arms race” in Texas high school football stadiums. “Those numbers have gone above projections in recent years as the zoning keeps changing, so we have had to adjust. The answer, like many things in the state, is found in its high school football team. But with both seating “only” 12,000, the prices may reflect rising construction costs more than anything. Note that there is parking available off of Greenville Avenue on the east side of the stadium. While Plano especially embraced its newfound urbanity, Allen, the smallest of the four cities by land area, tried to keep its small-town feel by rallying behind its one high school, and, of course, its high school football team. “When you’re trying to get the legislature to realize they’re not putting enough money into public education and that they need to do that, one of the things they bring up quite often is, ‘Well, wait a minute, y’all are going out and building all these Taj Majal football stadiums,’” said Ray Freeman, executive director of the Texas school finance research and advocacy organization Equity Center. "The AHS 2000 community study group felt the school district could handle the growth with one high school based on what they knew at the time,’” said Tim Carroll, chief information officer for Allen ISD. Allen High School is located in Allen, Texas and is the single high school for Allen ISD. Boon moved to Allen in the 1960s to become the town’s first full-time dentist, he recalls Allen football games as a relatively modest affair. Football games in Texas showcase not only the football team, but the band, cheerleaders, and drill team, which have their own competitions that are every bit as intense for the students as sports. Scoreboard Daktronics scoreboard 75’ x 45’ with 38’ x 23’ HD screen. Eagle Stadium solved very real logistical issues that existed with Allen’s old stadium. Allen Eagles Football. The school district was paying increasing amounts of money to bring in temporary bleachers, some of which offered only obstructed views of the field, and still they had to turn fans away. High School Football Stadium in Allen on Soon, Collin County’s four major cities—Plano, Frisco, McKinney, and Allen—were rapidly transforming from rural communities into affluent suburbs. People were getting to the point where they couldn’t go anymore. This covers all school property including parking lots. The district also prohibits the distribution of promotional items inside or outside the stadium with the exception of Eagle Stadium sponsors and pre-approved organizations. It’s because of the band being the size that they are.”. A weight room (268’ x 42’) has been added under the visitor side. Allen Eagle Stadium - 601 East Main Street at Jupiter & Main (left) and Allen High School Gymnasium (above) 300 Rivercrest Boulevard. Football . Parking fees apply to non-Allen ISD events and will vary by event. Seating Capacity 18,000 / 9,000 home side including 1,000 seats set aside for Escadrille, 4,000 seats in end zone for students and general admission and 5,000 seats for visitor general admission and reserved sections, Number of Chair-back Seats 6,500 reserved bench seats with bench backs including 5,000 on home side and 1,500 reserved on visitor side, General Admission Seats Approximately 5,000. Plano, with a population of 286,000 people today, now has three senior high schools, as does McKinney, which has about 160,000 residents. 972-727-0400. 3. One high school football team in Texas is going to need a lot more Friday night lights. Allen is less than half the size of its Collin County neighbors at just about 27 square miles, and because there’s no unincorporated land around it, there was always a hard ceiling to how big the city could get. Property Dimensions Stadium sits on 72 acres, Admission Time Gates open 90 minutes before start of game (generally 5:30 p.m.), Parking Lots There are no designated home or away parking areas. Click For Map . In a state that often boasts about size, no town does big bigger than Allen, Texas. A $60 million high school stadium in Allen, Texas won’t be used for the upcoming football season because of ongoing safety concerns after the stadium… “It’s a strange town in that it’s almost got a small-town feel to it, but it’s a big town,” said Chris Tripucka, owner of Eagle Designs, an Allen High School apparel store just off the school’s campus. A weight room (268’ x 42’) has been added under the visitor side for use by boys and girls athletics. Check out Allen Eagles Football live on Texas Sports Productions. The Allen Independent School District ADOPTED A TAX RATE THAT WILL RAISE MORE TAXES FOR MAINTENANCE AND OPERATIONS THAN LAST YEAR'S TAX RATE. Ticket PricesPre-sale tickets are available for each home game at $4 for students (ages 3 - high school senior) and $6 for adults. School districts in Texas with comparable total enrollments have at least two high schools, and in some cases have three. Allen is hardly the small community it was even 20 years ago, but an odd paradox in the culture of the city is that residents regularly credit its behemoth of a high school with helping preserve the town’s intimate culture. “It’s been a conscious attempt to keep our city, our community feeling like a small town,” said E.T. Facilities & Maintenance - Facilities Rentals, 18,000 / 9,000 home side including 1,000 seats set aside for Escadrille, 4,000 seats in end zone for students and general admission and 5,000 seats for visitor general admission and reserved sections, 6,500 reserved bench seats with bench backs including 5,000 on home side and 1,500 reserved on visitor side, Gates open 90 minutes before start of game (generally 5:30 p.m.), There are no designated home or away parking areas. Allen, Texas 75002. M&O funds can’t be used to repay bonds used for construction projects unless they’re surplus funds from a previous year, so when stadium proponents are charged with fleecing education for a luxury item related to football, they say the money isn’t coming from the same pool. Stadium. 601 East Main St. Allen, Texas 75002. Odessa Ratliff Stadium - AT, P Capacity: 17931. This website is powered by SportsEngine's Sports Relationship Management (SRM) software, but is owned by and subject to the Allen Eagles Touchdown Club privacy policy. Football gets all the attention when a new stadium is built, but lost in the conversation is the fact that the facility is used by multiple extracurricular programs. It’s hard to imagine this was ever the setting of an Allen High School football game. Soccer Stadium. The problem is that condition rarely lasts. ALLEN, Texas — Its $60 million high school football stadium, with a three-tiered press box that juts above the Texas horizon, has been a source of considerable pride in … Fans arriving from Central Expressway (Hwy. Allen High School has an enrollment of more than 5,600 students in grades nine through 12. User Options. “The town is not very big,” said James Kerr, owner of Allen Flower Shop, the city’s second-oldest business. The second floor is primarily operations and media support. Crosby High School Texas High vs Crosby – 12/18/2020 – 7PM – Football – Homer Bryce Stadium – Area Round – Playoffs. Allen quarterback Kyler Murray scrambles on 19-yard run for a first down against DeSoto on … Instead of opening a second high school like its neighbors, Allen passed a bond package to build a massive new Allen High School that opened in 1999 in the heart of the city, just off Highway 75. ft. wrestling practice area and locker room has been added on the home side. But the opening of Plano’s second high school in 1981—Plano East—threatened to upend Plano High’s budding dynasty. In 1993, Texas passed a law colloquially referred to as “Robin Hood.” Using a convoluted formula to assess both wealth and need, Robin Hood takes a portion of a wealthy school district’s M&O money to fund schools and projects across the state, including poor districts where property values are low, hence the name. An effort in the Texas legislature to reform the “outdated” formulas used to assess wealth and need and inject more money into the school system was stripped at the last minute from a bill signed by Texas Gov. There is no designated visitor and home parking so fans may enter from any gate. Stadium sits on a 72-acre plot of land. Not to mention that the wealthier suburbs, whose school districts are more likely to want to build a new stadium, are better represented. ft. wrestling practice area and locker room has been added on the home side. Allen High School’s football team has transformed this once-small Texas town. UIL Records. Texas wasn’t hit nearly as hard as states like Florida and Nevada. McKinney’s stadium, which serves three high schools, opens next year. Inquiries about Allen ISD Athletics should be directed to, . Allen High School. 300 Rivercrest Blvd. Tickets at the door are all $8 for general admission and $10 for visitors reserved. It's not the biggest high school stadium in football-mad Texas, but Eagle Stadium is the grandest, with a spacious weight room for the players and practice areas for Allen High School's … The third floor is for coaches, hospitality and a judges’ area for band competition. People around Allen, and any successful high school football team, answer that charge with an old sports adage: Build it and they will come. One high school, one team. In the late 1960s, Allen was mostly farmland for corn and wheat. Most of the committee people in the room in 1995 wanted Allen to retain its single high school identity as a community. The housing market collapse in 2008 saw property values across the United State plummet, but Texas wasn’t hit nearly as hard as states like Florida and Nevada. It’s led to more growth.”, ‘I mentioned “Star Trek”... and I thought they wouldn’t take the job’, highest proportions of children of the nation’s largest metro areas. Allen I.S.D. The Eagles are undefeated to date (47-0) when playing in Eagle Stadium and have won four state championships (2012, 2013, 2014, and 2017) playing at Eagle Stadium. That’s one of the things that’s happened, for better or worse. Therefore it is no surprise that Texas has some of the most lavish and largest high school stadiums in the world. 75) should exit at Exchange Boulevard and travel east to the second traffic light (Rivercrest Boulevard). Texas High School Stadiums With a Seating Capacity Greater Than 16,500. At 18,000 seats, it’s the largest stadium in Texas that only caters to one team; stadiums in Mesquite (20,000), Fort Worth (18,500), and San Antonio (18,500) have slightly higher capacities, but serve five schools or more. “If we’d won those championships with that old field I don’t know what you would have done. Instead, the bill added some money and formed a commission to investigate possible school finance reform in the future. 57. Going north out of Dallas along Highway 75, Richardson was the first city to experience explosive growth, then Plano, Allen’s neighbor to the south. allen high school football stadium texas: pictures of allen high school football stadium: allen high school football stadium capacity: allen high school football: allen high school football stadium cost: 3 results. ... Allen Eagle Stadium - AT, P Capacity: 18000. 140’ x 42’  The main level is primarily a film deck with areas for scouts and athletics staff. Contact Information. People who took jobs on the east side of Dallas moved to the communities along Highway 75 instead of in the city because they offered a short commute to work and a quiet place to raise their children. The combination of M&O funds being restricted from use to repay bond packages and I&S funds not being subject to recapture allows wealthy school districts to have their stadium cake and eat it, too. Additional parking is available south of the stadium in the Allen High School student lots. According to the University Interscholastic League, the organizing body for extracurricular activities in Texas, Allen leads the state in enrollment with 6,664 students, followed by the three Plano high schools—Plano West (5,654), Plano Senior High (5,197.5), and Plano East (5342.5).