50 Seeds| White can make a statement- combine with any color, for tall flower … Lupinus polyphyllus Russell strain. Lupin Noble Maiden. One packet of about 100 seeds. Postage rates. 20 Seeds/Pkt 4Seasons Seeds. Soak seed overnight before sowing and germinate at 20 to 30°C (68 to 86°F) on the surface of good free-draining, damp seed compost. Noble Maiden Lupine. Plant in fertile, well-drained soil in sun or part shade. Growing: sow the seeds directly into the soil from March to June; sow the seeds 3 to 4 centimetres deep, 2 to 3 seeds into each position in 50-60cm spacings. Product Description. Sow in peat pots or cell packs, and lightly cover. Lupins are undemanding plants and are best grown at the back or the middle of the borders as they grow tall. Lupine ‘Noble Maiden’, a variety which grows around 80 centimetres in height, is suitable to be used as a cut flower as well as in perennial beds. Perfect for cottage garden borders with spires of blue and white flowers borne in abundance during early and midsummer. Lupin Russell Noble Maiden. Growing Noble Maiden Lupine Seeds Plant Lupine Seeds: Chip lupine seeds with nail clippers, or soak in warm water overnight prior to sowing. Description from Eden Brothers. HZ: 4-8. ... Lupin / Lupin Russell Noble Maiden - White. Adapts to most soil types. Can direct sow lupine seeds into the garden in groups of 3 or 4 seeds, spaced 24-36 … Height 1-1.2m (39-48"). Terms and Conditions. 'Noble Maiden', occasionally called Fraülein, feature soft ivory white buds that open to pure clean white. Other Names - Lupinus… Noble Maiden is a Russell - type lupin with tall vertical flower spikes in varying tones of white. SKU: P-4656.2 Shipping: Calculated at checkout Current Stock: Sold Out Currently- Check Back Soon Quantity: Out of Stock. Noble Maiden Lupine Seeds. Contact information. Lupinus polyphyllus . Lupine (Lupinus Polyphyllus Noble Maiden) - Bring the butterflies and hummingbirds to your garden with these tall, stately white flowers. An ever popular garden perennial producing spectacular spikes of dense pea-like flowers in ivory to pure white. Categories Vegetable Seeds Herb Seeds Microgreens & Baby Leaves Asian Vegetables Flower Seeds Annuals Perennials Tree & Shrub Seeds Vine Seeds … There is little to rival a mass planting of lupins with their tall spikes glowing with colour in May and June. Honored with the RHS Award of Garden Merit in 1937, the regal and lovely Noble Maiden Russell Lupine has long been a cottage garden staple, … The distinctive dark green leaves are divided into fingers similar to spokes on a wheel. Share. Noble Maiden Lupine is a perennial with Ivory to pure white. Lupin Russell Noble Maiden. Easy to grow and undemanding they p Sow lupin seeds during spring or in autumn. Easy to grow and care for and excellent as cut flowers. Loved by bees. Height: 90cm(36in) Width: Depth: Plant Class: Hardy … Home. Supplier of rare and select seeds and plants. Stunning in the border or in a vase. $3.85. Lupins are the stalwarts of the cottage garden and are perfect for the perennial border, as a feature in a large patio container or as a cut flower. Lupin - Noble Maiden (White) - 4Seasons Seeds. $2.99. $2.99. Average seed life: 2 years. Noble Maiden Lupine Seeds. Colourful spike flowers stand out above attractive cut-leaf foliage. 45 Seeds. Especially effective in borders and for massing. Catalog #7945 . Kept at 65-75°F., germination averages 14-21 days. The 'Noble Maiden' or 'Fraülein' produces densely packed spikes of creamy-white flowers which turn to pure clean white over the season. Blooms from … These perennials can be established from Lupine seeds, and they are particularly suited for a cottage garden setting. A leading supplier of Flower seeds including Sweet Peas, marigold, petunias, sunflower and wallflower seeds, from the traditional home of the British seed industry, in Kelvedon, Essex, who have been supplying commercial and retail growers since 1888.