In turn, confronting, the past in this way can lead to the process of, reconciliation. section we examine the interviews on their own. Nonetheless, if the evidence can be found, to support the argument, there is no reason why it should not be. of these is considered most important in your country/region? Even if the humanities, have a proven track record of contributing to other disciplines, and even, if there is the potential for much more to be done, is all this sufficiently, recognised? Because of, the way the original question was framed, some respondents took it as. We, also wish to show how support for these values is weighted differently. Humanities 101: Intro to the Humanities has been evaluated and recommended for 3 semester hours and may be transferred to over 2,000 colleges and universities. It is also noteworthy that, while the interviewees tended to, believe in the social value of the humanities for policy making, they, are less sanguine about whether their societies would agree. Occasionally, respondents counselled against arguing with a hostile audience at all; or, they warned about the dangers of responding to critics operating within, If these responses were right, perhaps the entire thrust of this chapter, might be considered misconceived. This touches upon the nature of, the humanities, the topic of the next chapter. But it is fair to say that in each region, almost all the values we have discussed were mentioned at least once. More fundamentally, these approaches, may be faulted for assuming the existence of a fixed national culture, will come from within academia, so it is easy to see humanities scholars, coming into conflict with the state over the issue. Bldg. Here are some examples from North Africa, the US, Japan and, ME4: We need the humanities to think about the challenges of the, NA6: The standard humanities defence: we’re the field that studies, history and language and then integrates that with ethical concern, and inquiry. The humanities must, find a way to limit [their] esotericism, without compromising the, NA10: There’s a lot of appreciation for the humanities. Humanities for Everyone: A Plan. Even if these are interests, that most people pursue in their pastime and/or as concerned, citizens, they are important in their own right, and we therefore, need people who study these subjects professionally and in that. The digital version of The Humanities Matter! It is important, and interesting for other reasons, to be aware. E10: Humanities give a sense of belonging. As seen in China with the revival, of interest in Confucius as a reaction to the Cultural Revolution of the, 1970s, which attempted to root out Confucianist traditions. Science and mathematics may be said to employ objective and empirical methods to investigate the natural world. NA7: Neuroscience, for example, is at the cutting edge of contem-, porary understanding of the diseases that plague societies with, increasingly ageing populations. But that, does not mean that one should not engage in the distinct project of artic-, ulation. A concept, however, is the phenomenon we take a signal to stand for. Put simply, the humanities help us understand and interpret the human experience, as individuals and societies. This is a question that guides us, throughout this report as we seek conceptual clarity and credibility for, practices in digital humanities, knowledge exchange, globalisation, inter-, disciplinarity, infrastructure and public policy, we address the question head-on as we report on how humanities, researchers themselves articulate the value of their work. The nineteenth century Harvard professor Charles William Eliot, who was one of the most important figures in the development of the, liberal arts in the US, talked of ‘the enthusiastic study of certain subjects. It’s easy to understand the excitement. It is a good in, Three others, from quite different regions, made related points even. All content in this area was uploaded by Poul Holm on Jul 16, 2016, What is the value of the humanities? In facing a radically new kind of text, a different kind of evidence, tremendous excitement and real anxiety mix. In our context of humanities, that research in humanities epitomises the use of critical thinking, and. Doueihi asks “what is the situation with the anthropology of this new inhabited earth, these new digital territories that are flexible, fluid and constantly moving? 2016 China Studies in English Syllabus (Pre-University) H1 (403kb.pdf) 2016 China Studies in English Syllabus (Pre-University) H2 (433kb.pdf) Commerce Secondary. The list is based on research from a number of different sources: A literature review of national reports, opinion pieces in the media, books (scholarly and popular) and articles in journals and edited, Interviews with 89 humanities researchers worldwide, Workshops with scholars from several countries, especially from East. I believe humani-, ties research and humanities education function [in a] similar. The humanities are those academic disciplines that study human culture. constructed through language, literature, artefacts and performance. That pursuing knowledge and understanding is valuable for its, own sake and does not actually require some further goal in order to be, of value (of course, researchers who are driven by intrinsic value may, have additional and more personal motivations, which may explain, their particular choices of field and topic). have a rested mind and an active imagination. fields, most obviously the social sciences, but also into medicine, sation and action, which are essential components of creativity, and entrepreneurship, and so the humanities promote a culture of. The curricula in these areas have no element of criticism, making it difficult for them to contribute to the formation of critical, citizenship. The same applies in the area of security (as. Values-based universities in Africa, and the US, especially those associated with a religious tradition, will. W, programme called the free minds programme, a one-year humani-, ties course for adults, most of whom are low-income, ethnic. Of course, one can question whether innovation is a distinctive feature, of the humanities as opposed to other disciplines, but it is no less signifi-, cant in the humanities than elsewhere. . It seems. The values overlap in different ways. Not if the findings are, to be taken as the final word of wisdom. sake. from the MONK website and, As humanists, we believe we are trained as expert readers, able to read almost any kind of text closely, deeply, and critically. They, are responsible for productive output in the creative industries, like, humanities research. on the different values commonly attributed to humanities research. Access scientific knowledge from anywhere. A death of values in the Victorian period? The methodological anxieties around the digital humanities, we feel, are healthy, given that the field is in the process of constructing itself. It is also worth mentioning a hybrid approach to the value of the human-, ities, which combines instrumental and intrinsic elements (though it is, ultimately instrumental in character). But humanities fields are under threat. The same. Humanus Humanitas Human, Humanity it Some respondents made the point in the context of technological inno-, vation. But, according to two US respondents, humanities. Another good example is environmental policy, which can, draw upon many different disciplines – history, archaeology, Several of our interview respondents from different regions noted the. As indicated above, after conducting 45 interviews, we added a compo-, nent to the questionnaire, which gauged respondents’ reactions to the, values we have been discussing in this chapter. They value being able to think through issues and to have expo-, sure to that kind of cultural capital. In fact, this point was made, Many humanities disciplines study religious and spiritual traditions, through their histories and their texts. of the solution may lie in our own hands. In the UK, for instance, prominent academics and others spoke, out against what they saw as a naïvely nationalist curriculum being. is how we phrased the additional request: Here are some ways of expressing the value of humanities research: Contributing to other academic disciplines (e.g. This chapter reveals that humanists across the globe more often than not identify a social value to humanities research. approaches to the understanding of human experience and activity. but by no means confined to that discipline. In social policy, the humanities may lead policy makers to, consider proposals that would otherwise not have occurred to them, to, we have already mentioned the way in which the humanities can, serve to question and revise preconceived views (or even myths) about, national memory. the way research can. ‘The fact is that we engage in humanistic thinking, whether we know we do or not – when we talk about drones or stem cell, research.’ Another thought that politicians’ critiques of the humanities, fail to recognise the crucial importance that the humanities (e.g. The term ‘Humanities’ comes from a Latin word humanus, which means ‘human, cultured and refined’. the multiple challenges that face the human condition. All findings in the humani-, ties are provisional and subject to questioning and clarification and. with economic value (though this need not necessarily be the case); critical thinking and innovation may not always be conducive to social, cohesion. Philosophy Comparison: Humanities: Man is the source and fountain of all creativity. Two exceptions come from US respondents, who. Jon Parrish Peede. Whether or not this actually happens, and to what extent, is a question for later chapters. Several respondents mentioned the intrinsic value of the humanities. Humanities. This tradition of, critique appears in almost every discipline in the Humanities—its, purpose is (as the philosopher Walter Benjamin proclaimed) ‘to brush. It can lead to extremely superficial research (e.g. Mometrix Academy is a completely free resource provided by Mometrix Test Preparation. In this way it may actually be in. For the National Statement to meet its promise, it needs to provide greater direction to HRECs which is properly informed by understanding of the full array of research involving human participants. The ministry or its affiliated agencies, check course syllabuses and programs, establishing, e.g., syllabus, writing guidelines. It challenged respondents to. innovation and the humanities: national reports, and Humanities Research Council) worked with NESTA (National, Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts) to produce a report, the authors discuss ‘the distinctive contributions of arts and humanities, The arts and humanities cover a very wide range of research disci-, and philosophy. This Area encourages learners to engage with the most important issues facing humanity, including sustainability and social change, and help to develop the skills necessary to interpret and … . Foucault, have been highly influential in the social sciences; political, philosophers (from both the continental and Anglo-American tradi-, tions) have also influenced sociology and economics. In the first 45 interviews, we confined ourselves to this question. enable information professionals to address humanities scholars' needs for their digital scholarship. LA2: The main thrust of the humanities is to foster critical thinking. The latter is clearly observed in such initia-, tives as a single normative history textbook for secondary schools, or government control over History Society and other fledgling, professional associations. For instance, one European respondent, described how a historian might ask people about their family, such as, their grandparents’ childhood. But there’, R4: The state has a more significant ideological influence on research, of the history of Russia. And they reveal how people have tried to make moral, spiritual and intellectual sense of the world. viewpoints, even when they disagree with them. research, for example in publishing, media, tourism and, of course, © Poul Holm, Arne Jarrick and Dominic Scott 2015, the training humanities scholars provide to their students, who go. Also, by equipping them to understand different view-, points, they make citizens more tolerant of each other (a point that, applies across national boundaries, of course, and so the humanities can. Humanities was a fine accoutrement of the civilizing mission of a victorious imperial power throughout the last half of the twentieth century, but balances of world power impose new exigencies. This starts a conversation about what, it was like in that period. We have already mentioned the fact that the different values of the, humanities can overlap. Critical thinking is part of being, human. Call for Collaboration and Research Partners: The Digital Anthropocene PDF how user studies of digital humanities tools can reveal insights into humanities scholars' needs for using digital tools to Justifying the, humanities is subtly different as it involves defending the humani-, ties in the face of a challenge. Humanities and the natural and social sciences, A simple list of humanities contributions to interdisciplinary collabora-. This. This requires effective, communication. Can we leverage quantitative methods in ways that respect the nuance and complexity we value in the humanities? All of these might, also broadcast on radio or TV and write popular books. Working with a corpus of thousands of digitized nineteenth-century British novels, we had just produced a plot, similar to, This paper critically assesses the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Research Involving Humans as a piece of public policy concerning the regulation of research ethics. I’m a believer in the ‘rich, locking a thousand engineers in a room. They aid decision-making, especially on, the complex ethical issues that confront society as a whole. A signal is the data from the feature actually being measured computationally. where there is an emphasis on nation building and national histories, as discussed in our Russia workshop, when the humanities acted as, an important tool to define nations in the post-Soviet republics. With the growing dominance of English, governments of non-Anglophone countries have felt the need for a, language policy, and here the expertise of humanities resear, Here are some interview responses, mainly from Europe, that high-, Af1: The humanities are our heritage. and the world in order to make institutions stronger. Humanities Textbooks. In current, European Union policy thinking a strong case is often made for the, necessity of nurturing social innovation alongside technological inno-, vation and, as we shall see in Chapter 8, this is a point that is often, picked up by humanities advocates, who argue that social innovation, may be nurtured by research into human motivations, behaviour and, On the other hand, many humanist scholars mistrust appeals to inno-, vation as a ‘buzzword’. But it’s also understandable how these possibilities could be unsettling. At least in some coun-, tries, evidence from publishers and TV and radio outlets suggests that, the broader public has a strong interest in subjects such as history, litera-, perception of the humanities from being a mere burden on the taxpayer, to a set of disciplines whose subject matter already engages the interest. new insights to promote and deepen the appreciation of artistic beauty. There are also plenty of examples of the value of linguistics research, as in the understanding (and preservation) of minority languages, and, sociolinguistic issues about differences of dialect and their relation to, If one wants to look at policy areas, a recent example concerns secu-, rity in the US. A current example also concerns China, and the initiative, to establish Confucius Institutes around the world, not just to promote. Here are two exceptions, both, NA11: I would remind [an impatient and potentially hostile audi-, ence] first, that the way they live their lives and the pleasure they, get from the world, some high percentage of that comes from their, education in the humanities. tension with social cohesion. researchers pass on such virtues to their students. Y, of engineers and artists and humanists with everyone sharing each, This move, the intrinsic questioning purpose of the Humanities, was, summonsed both as a means of overthrowing dominant understand-, ings but also of advancing the Enlightenment belief that questioning, [sc. But humanities researchers might also be enlisted to. If you can’t relate with other human, other and it is, paradoxically, getting worse with social media. All the items on the list feature somewhere in the interviews and, although the list is not a completely exhaustive account of everything, said in those interviews, we have tried not to omit any significant catego-, ries of value. Philosophers in the ‘continental’ tradition, e.g. Pre-University. So, along with that, I’m, sure you’ve heard of the emerging relationship between cognitive, science and the humanities. It can also be found in discussions of the humanities, one of its. NA12: A world without the humanities is one without value. In addition, the HWR, workshops have allowed us to talk around the interview results and the, literature review to deepen our understanding of the different types of. | Department of History, University of Texas, Arlington. 0004, 6th Floor Arts. is a large, vertical-format banner available as a PDF file. Others, went further and stated that the humanities already play a significant, role in people’s lives. humanities as a vital part of a knowledge ecosystem: NA6: Our society, especially in the recession era and era of privatisa-, tion, is fixated on market value. The link between the humanities and social cohesion can be clearly, made for specific disciplines. At its heart lies the genius of critical thought: the technique of asking, deep-seated questions with the aim of gaining profound insights into. This is part of a wider trend, the ‘historical, turn’, where more and more academic disciplines are embracing, an interest in historical perspectives. in US attempts to understand the Muslim world). The idea of tapping into a pre-existent or at least implicit interest, was one favoured approach. importance of the humanities for social decision-making: Af8: [The humanities’] results will help us to understand the context, of social and economic phenomena and enable us to attempt to. We are convinced that, when done well, such research can deliver scale, empirical rigor, and the nuance the humanities value. ness of the distinction between humanities and social sciences. The humanities inspire us to ask who we are and what our lives should mean. It is broad in its coverage, with questions on all periods from classical to contemporary and in many different fields: poetry, prose, philosophy, art, architecture, music, dance, theater, and film. They, the humanities enable citizens to understand, preserve, there are direct economic benefits from humanities, : the humanities deal with questions of motivation, organi-, : it is of the essence of the humanities to develop critical, literary research, art history and musicology, A successful defence will attempt to change the, Interestingly, although the intrinsic value, includes a call for research projects on ‘Secure, I would try to persuade the audience that people with degrees, A recent national report on humanities and social, more than any other humanities discipline, benefits, Furthermore, it seems clear that there is, and a number of our interviews.